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To provide developing nonprofit organizations with the necessary tools to support at-risk women to restore hope and self-reliance.


To see a world where all women can have hope and be self-reliant.


Ready & Willing!

Ready to Empower (RTE) began in 2013 when our founder Amanda Ready met a community of women in Costa Rica who she found to be jobless, uneducated, without adequate health care, living in poverty, and victims of abuse with no long-term support. Having experience working in social services and the mental health field, Amanda began offering mental health therapy to women to gain insight into their emotional challenges. After many sessions with the women, Amanda learned that not only mental health support was needed but also food, clothing, healthcare, education and employment opportunities.

Ready to Empower

Amanda spent the next three months in Costa Rica forming relationships, gaining trust, building programs, and cultivating leaders who would carry out her vision and eventually run day-to-day operations. Once returning to the United States, Amanda was READY to EMPOWER and she founded Ready to Empower in 2013 and in 2014 RTE was awarded 501c3 tax exempt status. In addition, Amanda created a Costa Rican based organization to work in connection with RTE to empower the community being empowered. Amanda’s creation of Tree of Hope became our first partnership that continues to be guided and supported by Ready to Empower. Tree of Hope stands as our blueprint and pilot model as we look to expand into other poverty stricken communities around the world.