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Ready to Empower’s History!

To provide developing nonprofit organizations with the necessary tools to equip women with the mental health wellness, job training and education needed to reach their goals and empower themselves.

Ready to Empower (RTE) began in 2013 when our founder Amanda Ready met a community of at-risk women while volunteering at orphanages in Costa Rica.

Having experience working in social services & the mental health field, she spent three months in Costa Rica forming relationships, surveying needs, building programs, & cultivating leaders to carry out her vision of empowerment.

RTE’s vision is to see a world where all women can be empowered.

Her goal was to support at-risk women by focusing on equipping local Costa Rican leadership to work at the forefront of all management of support services & decision-making to help at-risk women in their communities.
During this time, Amanda raised temporary funds to kickstart her plan of action. Her plan included offering Costa Rican leaders temporary financial support, program guidance, organizational training, and mentoring to help support at-risk women needing support to restore hope & self-reliance.
After returning to the US, Amanda created Ready to Empower (RTE), a US-based non-profit, and Árbol De Esperanza (ADE), a CR-based organization to work in partnership with RTE & solely run by Costa Ricans. ADE stands as RTE’s first pilot partnership.