Hope Sewing Center in India

Provides job and entrepreneurship training to help under-privileged women learn trades to sustain themselves and their families, as well as develop innovative solutions to keep women healthier.

Ready to Empower has partnered with Hope Sewing Center in India to further reach our shared mission of empowering women. RTE has financed sewing machines so they can teach women the trade of sewing and have a source of income.

In addition to empowering women through learning a trade,

Hope Sewing Center is on a mission to improve hygiene and health for the women of India. Like many places in the world, women financially can’t access menstrual care. Hope Sewing Center is increasing access to menstrual care and education through partnerships and innovating sustainable solutions. They are sewing reusable menstrual napkins, which can be washed and reused for 3 years. This is life changing for women and will foster better hygiene and health for the women of India.

For more information on the Hope Sewing Center visit their website.

Hope Sewing Center

“We were overwhelmed to see the smiles on the faces of the women when we placed the machines in their hands. Now they are free to generate their own income and support their families.

We just want to thank Ready to Empower for the faith you have in us. Please accept our gratitude and thanks on behalf of the Hope Sewing Center and the Paul Ministries, India. We do not have enough words to convey our thanks. We are hoping that we will have a long term bond in serving Indian women through Ready to Empower.”

G. Gracy Yesudass
Director of Hope Sewing

Contact us if you would like to learn more about partnering with Ready to Empower.

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