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Our Approach

We Are Paving The Way For Women Empowerment!

We work to provide developing nonprofit organizations with the necessary tools to equip women with the mental health wellness, job training and education needed to reach their goals and empower themselves.


R – Reliable Funding
E – Educate & Equip
A – Assist & Advocate
D – Develop & Deploy
Y – Yield Results

What our partners are saying!

“By having RTE’s guidance, I have learned leadership skills. I am now more productive and disciplined and this has encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone. I am now more comfortable in communicating with donors and networking to help our organization gain support and raise funds.”

 – Selenia Rodriguez, Job training Program Coordinator of RTE’s partner organization, Árbol de Esperanza

“Ready to Empower’s guidance has helped our organization Árbol de Esperanza to empower more than 600 women in our community. Ready to Empower helped equip me personally to become a stronger more effective leader in my work with helping at-risk women. Ready to Empower’s nonprofit guidance, hands on mentoring and seed funding, gave me the opportunity to learn how to manage employees, implement effective programs, plan strategically, and improve my abilities to raise funds and secure ongoing donations.”

 – Karen Jara, Director of RTE’s partner organization, Árbol de Esperanza


Ready to Empower works as a nonprofit incubator to assist developing nonprofits focused on at-risk women. We provide nonprofit leaders with resources such as, education, mentoring, nonprofit management services, seed funding, and social business planning to create a sustainable revenue stream to help at-risk women.

In addition, we offer developing nonprofits our turn key Empowering Program Model to assist our partner organizations with necessary tools to provide a holistic approach to help women heal and empower themselves. Our empowering model heavily focuses on mental health support along with education, job training, employment opportunities and emergency relief support.

Working Together To Help Women Empower Themselves
Every Step Of The Way!


Step 1

Identify a developing nonprofit organization to partner with that helps at-risk women and is seeking self-sustaining support to deliver their mission & vision

Step 2

Partner organization is selected & RTE begins the process of evaluating the organization ‘s business plan, programs, financials & overall needs of the women being supported

Step 3

RTE collaborates with partner organization to create a self-sustaining plan & goals to help support their mission & vision

Step 4

RTE provides partner organization with financial support, mentoring & training in nonprofit management, program development & social business implementation to reach set goals

Step 5

Identify a social good for-profit & create shared value to generate a sustainable revenue stream for the partner organization

Step 6

Create the business agreement between both the social good for-profit business & partner organization

Step 7

Partner organization becomes a sustainable organization no longer relying solely on RTE for financial support & guidance to deliver their mission

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