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Our Partners

Árbol de Esperanza

San Ramón, Costa Rica

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In 2014, Ready to Empower began a partnership with the NGO Árbol de Esperanza,  based in San Ramón, Costa Rica. Under the directorship of the Psychologist Karen Jara, a leader in advocacy women’s rights and empowerment, Árbol de Esperanza serves as Ready to Empower’s first partnership and pilot program. Together Ready to Empower and Árbol de Esperanza works with women to provide empowering support to encourage independence and hope. The NGO has served over 500 women and by 2021 the center will be fully self-sustaining, and equipped to provide ongoing support to help more women in need.

  • Mental Health Services
  • Job training & Internships
  • Employment placements
  • Educational and Entrepreneurship classes
  • Life Skills & Human Rights classes
  • Emergency Relief Support
  • Health, Hygiene & Wellness Support

Ready to Empower and Árbol de Esperanza, work together to create sustainable action plans that equip women to empower themselves. Women in Árbol de Esperanza’s programs are gifted with the opportunity to improve their overall mental health, become educated, become equipped to protect themselves from rape or violence, and become more employable and or employed.

When women graduate from the program, they earn resources to help assist them in reaching their goals of self-reliance and are provided ongoing job referrals as openings become available within the community

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