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Success Stories


Age 28

In 2013, Yajaira joined RTE’s Work for Service Program, which enabled her to achieve her dream of opening her own business.

Her ice cream factory internship provided her with counseling, while getting therapy at Mujeres de Cambio. Yajaira learned how to improve her business management skills and implement plans and action steps for attaining her goals. In 2016, she started Sansoncito, a small business that produces healthy snacks for elementary school children.

This mother of two continues to train, improving different aspects of her business, including legal formalization, budgeting, and expanding her customer portfolio.


Age 20

Jéssica became part of the Work for Service Program in 2017. Before she began working with the Mental Health Program and the Work Service Programs, she was introverted, had extreme anxiety, and was not attending school. Because of her economic situation, she was unable to attend school and could not afford treatment for her anxiety. Since attending our programs, she successfully completed business training classes and began working at two internships: one as a computer assistant and the other as a bilingual assistant. Because of Jéssica’s newfound confidence, she enrolled into a vocational institute and recently obtained a diploma in network management.


Age 30

In November 2016, Maribel moved from Nicaragua to Costa Rica with her husband and 11-year-old son. She worked during coffee-picking season, but struggled to find other work without any job experience or primary education. In 2017, Maribel began participating in the WFS program with clear objectives: to be self-sufficient and to learn how to read and write. After four months, she was mastering creative arts and is one of the most skillful participants.

RTE worked alongside local lawyers to get approval from the Ministry of Education to enroll her son in school and they provided him with a school uniform, supplies, and daily breakfast.

Now, she works 3× a week, making 10× the income and saving money to secure her citizenship and bring her other two children from Nicaragua. With the help of RTE’s mental health program, Maribel’s depression has subsided and she continues to meet new goals that improve her and her family’s quality of life.


Age 36

Yamileth lived in one of Costa Rica’s most crowded provinces, but moved to a smaller one to support her two children. She initially sought out RTE’s mental health services and was looking for assistance in obtaining a job and learning new skills. When starting, Yamileth was nervous due to her limited work experience, which consisted of cleaning houses. She believed she had few skills to offer, but since participating in RTE’s programs, she has found hope in her ability to sew. Her new RTE friends are like family, providing the emotional support she needed to grow.

Now, she attends training and educational classes 3× a week and interns as a secretary at a music school. Yamileth also assists with fundraising events in Costa Rica, raising funds to empower herself and her community.


Age 57

Isabel joined the WFS program almost two years ago, after losing her job which led to financially hard times. Her first internship job was cleaning a local music school. Then, she began working at a library and grocery store where she was selling her homemade bread.

When Isabel started, she struggled to pay her bills and provide for herself and her family. She demonstrated a strong work ethic, so employers offered her additional income. Isabel’s participation in WFS has provided her with earnings 5× more than her original income.

Isabel often reminds us that, “This opportunity is a gift, and I am taking the best of it in everything I do. I am really thankful.”


Age 31

Marisel is developing her skills in customer service and teamwork through her practicum at a clothing store. She says that “working at Jonathan Clothes store I have found myself doing tasks I had never imagine to be able to do. I did not feel like a sales person, but I am learning.”

Marisel claims that selling clothes helps her build confidence and break out of her shell, especially helping customers. Her newly developed self-confidence culminated in receiving a recently a job as a nurse for an older woman, making $365 per month.

Now, she is happily becoming economically independent and seeing the fruits of her labor. The Work for Service Program offered Marisel the tool and experiences to take advantage of and grow from.


Age 29

Marilin was battling panic attacks when she sought out RTE’s mental health program. She wrestled with depression due to childhood abuse and struggled with economic hardship.

About 1 year in the mental health program, Marilin began participating in the Work for Service program. Starting in the jewelry program, she learned new skills that improved her self-esteem.

Her dedication to bettering her and her family’s quality of life earned her an educational sponsorship, which sponsored her year-long education to become an esthetician. Now, Marilin is employed, empowered, and ready for the future!


Age 57

Nydia is a single mother of 3 and has been part of our Work for Service and Mental Health Program for over a year. She reached out for support to increase her self-esteem, overcome her depression, and to improve her ability to be self-sufficient.

She is currently taking educational classes to learn English and working regularly through our Work For Service program to provide for her family. Nydia also actively participates in our Mental Health Program, empowering herself to overcome new obstacles and pursue her dream to one day have her own store.


Age 39

Auxiliadora participates in all of the programs that RTE offers. She first started by attending our Mental Health Program over a year ago.

Since beginning, she has improved her social skills and her depression has decreased. These improvements motivated her to lose more than 30 pounds and begin participating in our WFS program to help provide for herself and her family. In addition, because her teeth were decaying, she was able to work and save to get the dental treatment she needed.