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Volunteer as an intern
Join as a committee intern and use your skills to manage important projects for RTE. Get college credits as well!


Volunteer locally for an event
Help RTE run a local event in your area.


Volunteer internationally
Ever been to Costa Rica? Want to volunteer where it all happens? Go to Costa Rica and help run the Empowerment Program.


Volunteer as a committee member or board member?
Be part of one of our numerous committees, such as the marketing committee, program committee or revenue committee. Or join our board and make a real impact.

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“Ready to Empower provided me the opportunity to expand my knowledge of not-for-profits and the business world, along with discovering other areas of such work that I excel in. I loved being able to explore my love for helping others and learning from Amanda and her team of how to do so. I genuinely believe that my experience with RTE has not only changed my career path, but also my appreciation for all the organizations working to change the world for the better.”

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