Empowering Women
for a Better Future

Our mission at Ready To Empower (RTE) is to partner with women-focused organizations by providing resources and guidance through our holistic social service program, the Empowerment Program. Our goal is to elevate women and their communities through mental health, job readiness, education, case management and leadership support.

RTE’s vision is to see a world where all women are empowered.

What do we mean by Empowering Women?

We provide women the tools to make positive changes in their lives. Mental health is the first step on the journey of empowerment. When women improve their emotional, psychological, and social well-being, it affects how they think, feel, cope and achieve.

Education is the second step. We focus on education through life skills, human rights, sexual education and job training as the key factors in equipping women with the tools needed to empower and protect themselves.

This overall support and program provides women with the tools they need to feel empowered, improve their mental health, find safety, become educated to reach their goals in life and improve their overall well being.

The Possibilities Are Endless.
This is what our Empowerment Program is all about.

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